Tumblr for books?

8 Mar

Tumblr. Microblogging? Not totally sure what the use/concept is, having never used it before and only occasionally seeing Tumblr links on Facebook. Oh, social media.


But a few weeks ago I read a post on The Millions about Literary Tumblrs. I was very intrigued and have been meaning to get back to the article and look through the Tumblrs. They’ve categorized them by content (“Single Servings,” “Reviewers”) and originator (“Big Publishers,” “Booksellers,” “Magazines”).


A lot of the Single Serving Tumblrs looked particularly interesting, such as CoverSpy, which is essentially a running catalog of books spied on the subway (as well as short descriptions of the reader, “M, 30s, tiny hoop earrings, black boots, maroon hoodie, stubble, L train”). It’s sort of voyeuristic perhaps, but I’m always checking out strangers’ books too (which is one reason the whole eBook thing is a bit of a bummer).


I also enjoyed The Books They Gave Me, which describes books given to people, the stories behind them, and basically the relationship between the giver and the receiver.


Check the Tumblrs out and leave a comment with your favorite. Or maybe your favorite Tumblr (literary and non-literary!)


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